The model ‘S’ is a great model from Tesla which achieved the car of the year award.

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MODEL ‘S’ by the making of TESLA

A Pet is A Pet
The Car of the Year is said to be the most prestigious award given to a certain car that shone the most every year. This award was created and annually given to a car by the motor trend magazine. This year another surprising decision was made and yet another car has received this award. This car is the Model ‘S’ made by tesla.
This car, with the make and model from Tesla Company is one of the quickest four-door cars ever made in America. Its agility and response when driven is amazing but is as smooth as a Rolls-Royce. It does not stop at that, though fast like a race car, it is also useful and can carry almost as much stuff as a Chevy Equinox. The Motor Trend also included that this model make by Tesla is more efficient than a Toyota Prius without even budging its elegancy down.
And also, this model is an electric car therefore having no emissions this car stands out the most other than any other cars. But still, the engine that this model from Tesla makings has brought to the car industry possesses an engine that you simply had to plug in to refuel. Tesla claims it has 250 patents covering the Model S, and more pending. The body is light, thanks to its all-aluminum construction, yet strong and stiff. The front and rear suspension are also mostly aluminum. At the rear are extruded rear suspension links that provide the strength of forgings at much lower cost, while up front are hollow-cast front knuckles that weigh 25 percent less than a conventional knuckle of similar strength.
This awesome luxury car model from Tesla Makings was designed by Franz von Holzhausen and he added that he resisted the temptation of giving the Model S a unique and different look to catch the attention of everyone that will indicate it has electric motors as an engine.
Aside from this features, Motor trend also describe the make and model S as very efficient from a certain drive test which was 118 mpg-e for a 212 mile run from the eastern fringe of the Los Angeles Sprawl to Las Vegas Nevada.
This car is the newest and I think the most incredible out of all the make and models made by any car company. Being agile, more useful, can carry more stuff inside, and being efficient is probably the greatest quality a car may possess and to add that, it’s an electric car! Buying this will surely not be regrettable for anyone.

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